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Bill Margolis

Co-Founder / Executive Director

Bill Margolis honorably retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after serving the citizens of Los Angeles for 35 Years.

During his career with the L.A.P.D he worked a variety of assignments which included patrol in Van Nuys and Hollywood area.  His experience included, but not limited to uniformed patrol, jail, foot patrol and other specialized vice assignments.  He worked vice assignments for a total of 29 years.

He ultimately was promoted to Detective and was assigned to the Administrative Vice Division which was responsible for investigations related to organized crime and was responsible for conducting major vice investigations which included, high profile prostitution rings, bookmaking organizations and pornography.

Bill is a recognized expert in the field of vice operations and participated as an instructor in the departments Vice Operations School for approximately 18 years.  This class is specifically taught to law enforcement officers assigned to vice bureaus throughout the State of California.  During the last 10 years of his career Bill conducted training and worked with the individual vice units throughout the city.

Prior to leaving the department he teamed up with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office and developed the Prostitution Diversion Program (PDP).  The Program quickly gained approval from Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, command staff officers, senior vice detectives and area vice officers.  As a result of a team effort and collaboration with the L.A.P.D., Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and Education Awareness Programs, the Prostitution Diversion Program (PDP) has become a model of success.

Bill graduated with an Associates of Arts degree in Police Science and attended California State University of Northridge prior to entering the L.A.P.D. academy in 1973.



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